A decade ago, a group called WAHWAHSDA released their last message of peace, spreading love, uniting the people around them.
The future looked bright, but then suddenly… they disappeared…

The world was left in the hands of mankind. Strange things started to happen. Donald Trump was able to become president. A pandemic changed the life of all people around the globe.  Energy prices went through the roof. And today, a nuclear World War 3 is knocking at our front door… But don’t fear…

Because when need is greatest, the phoenix will rise from the ashes. 

Once again 5 friends from the outskirts of Antwerp will join forces and make music like never before. 

So start polishing your dancing shoes, call your friends, and tell them… WAHWAHSDA IS BACK ! 


Single Release Lost & Found


CD Release Radio Rum


Winner Benelux Reggae Contest


CD Release Shiva Regal